The Roman Inscriptions of Britain online will be completed as part of LatinNow by Scott Vanderbilt. On the 11th September 2019 (the anniversary of Claudia Severa’s birthday party) we launched a revamped and expanded version of the website, including new material: Roman Inscriptions of Britain vol. III, the Vindolanda and Bloomberg tablets. Our next major update will see the addition of RIB II – the inscriptions on largely portable objects. We are planning user manuals, videos and improvements to the website to make it more accessible to a wider audience. Please do let us know if you use it in school or university teaching and what would improve your user experience.

COMING SOON: Roman Inscriptions of Britain vol. II


Freely available online Geographic Information System (GIS) visualizations combining our inscriptions data with existing datasets, such as settlement patterns and roads in Roman times.