The Roman Inscriptions of Britain online?has been part of LatinNow since 2017.

On the 11th September 2019 (the anniversary of Claudia Severa’s birthday party) we launched a revamped and expanded version of the website, including new material: Roman Inscriptions of Britain vol. III, the Vindolanda and Bloomberg tablets.

In November 2022 we lauched a Schools section with bespoke materials to support the teaching of Classical subejct within the National Curriculum. These includes how-to videos, KS2 activities and discussion of highlights from the website related to particular themes.

Our next major update will see the addition of RIB II – the inscriptions on thousands of largely portable objects. Please do let us know if you use it in school or university teaching and what would improve your user experience.

COMING SOON: Roman Inscriptions of Britain vol. II

LatinNow GIS Data

Our freely available online web Geographic Information System (GIS) allows visualization of our huge epigraphic dataset alongside a range of data (e.g. on settlement patterns and roads in Roman times) from collaborating projects. This is still in beta version as updates and improvements are being made until the end of the project.