JULY 2019: Morgane Andrieu’s research and work with volunteers for LatinNow (2019-2020) in the French Press

AUGUST 2019: Morgane Andrieu talking to France 3 about LatinNow
SEPTEMBER 2019: Morgane Andrieu talking about her work on LatinNow

DECEMBER 2019: Scott Vanderbilt and Alex Mullen of LatinNow talk about RIB Online in BBC History Magazine

SEPTEMBER 2019: María José Estarán of LatinNow discusses the project and the touring exhibition in the Spanish Press. Read the full article for free online at elDiaro.es

OCTOBER 2019: Pieter Houten of LatinNow on the cover of De Limburger – inside he talks about bringing LatinNow to the Netherlands

One of the epigraphic finds from Roman Vindolanda was read by Mullen and colleagues and caught the imagination and featured in the news across the globe, here is The Independent’s headline. Mullen is currently working on publishing this text.